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Officially Representing
Since 1901

The American Brown Leghorn Club was formed in 1901 declaring as its three objectives "to increase interest and demand for high quality Brown Leghorns; to disseminate information on reliable and successful methods of breeding, raising and management; to bring about united efforts, harmony, integrity and good fellowship in promoting the interests of Brown Leghorns."


The club entertains special meets at poultry shows around the country and hosts an annual national meet which travels to a different region of the U.S. each year. In addition, the ABLC sponsors programs to interest people in Brown Leghorns and help them get started. Such programs include sources of stock and hatching eggs, newsletters, yearbooks, advertisements in various publications, and the distribution of fact filled brochures.

President: Paul Gilroy                                       Club Historian: Bud Blankenship

Secretary/Treasurer: Amanda Heitzman         Western VP: Jen Dooms

Northeastern VP: Keith Lutz                             Southwestern VP: Dodge Cowart

Southeastern VP: Jeff Shenk                           Central VP: Michael Schlumbohm

Election Commissioner: Carl Richards  


For more information:

The eight varieties of Brown Leghorns served by the club are:
Single Comb Dark Brown Large Fowl
Single Comb Light Brown Large Fowl
Rose Comb Dark Brown Large Fowl
Rose Comb Light Brown Large Fowl
Single Comb Dark Brown Bantam
Single Comb Light Brown Bantam
Rose Comb Dark Brown Bantam
Rose Comb Light Brown Bantam
(*Official club wording & order)
Contact the ABLC for Further Information: If you would like more information about how to get started, the ABLC, Brown Leghorns, or a list of breeders, please don't hesitate to contact 

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